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Sep. 18th, 2008



I am stressed
straining to do my best
7 A's, a perfect score
6 dance classes a week, Balançoire

SATS and ACTS on January 26
Being this stressed should be just a myth
My BFFE is moving tomorrow
Which is filling my life with blackness and sorrow

On December 21 is when her party is held
I still have to bake a cake, or buy one on sale
My mind is roaming to find the light
but the darkness gets in the way, it puts up a fight

Her two other best friends, sadly can't come
They have shopping to do, they'll miss out on the fun
My perfect person is just a fantasy
Always saying, “It's just You and Me...”

My dreams will never, ever come true
So I'll never be hearing about me and you
I'm tire and hungry, cold and lonely
wishing my friends will just give up and come hold me

I feels like my world is collapsing tonight
and one little book can't save me this time, it's not right
When I look ahead, I see nothing I'm blind,
but I do know that I'm leaving all my friends lying behind

I'll keep walking, knowing I can't stop
Which I won't until I reach the top
To be an author, to be a star
Yet I feel like it is oh so very far
Midterms clash in the way
I want to go, get away, I don't want to stay
Isn't it just surprising that stress,
started this terrible, horrifying mess?

Sep. 11th, 2008

Dragon Fly Babii

This is for my friend Courtney..
Hope you like it!

Sep. 5th, 2008

Writer's Block: Sharing Haikus

The Japanese haiku poet Basho once wrote, "Old pond / a frog jumps / the sound of water." Try writing some of your own haikus about the little things in your life. A haiku generally consists of a five-syllable line, a seven-syllable line and a second five-syllable line. You can also use any combination of ten-to-fourteen syllables.

Delicated Petals
Stream of colors red, white, pink
Sign of pure beauty

Wind blows wildly
Thunder booms and lightning clangs!
Heavy rain pours down.
A full moon glimmers
The children scream, “Trick or Treat!”
A mad dark owl hoots.
From April showers,
In spring, a lot could happen
To blooming flowers.

Aug. 29th, 2008

Writer's Block: Spirits

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever encountered one?

Oh! How I do believe in ghosts!!
My neighbor, was having issues with a person who used to live there.
Unfortunetly, the girl haunting the house was a 6 year old girl with Angelsyndroum, I used to babysit her, in away. Anyways, she died and began to haunt the house. Changing temperature, turning on TV, knocking stuff over, stealing kids toys and leaving fingerprints on glass.
My three best friends and I tried contacting the spirits.
It worked.
She is now gone.

Jul. 23rd, 2008

Darkened Sky (Chapter Sixteen:Renuion)

Lying is a part of life.
Thought lying about life.
Is different.

    We hunted a few more times, so my eyes were golder then gold. But, the whole time while I was running I was deliberating ways to destroy Tanya. Sadly, by the time we got to Alaska, I had absolutely no ideas. Darn. They are here! Esme's mind almost shouted to me, her eyes widened also, from the inside of the cabin. I was looking inside the window, but from many yards away. Once seeing one of my family members again, I sped up, Alice trailing swiftly behind me. We got inside in a matter of 10 seconds. “BELLA! ALICE!” Emmett yelled, picking us both up in  a bear hug. He no longer squished me.  
   Once he was finished, we were handed over to Rosalie, who gave both me and Alice, a kiss on each cheek. “How was she?” Rosalie quizzed. “Decent, like most newborns, yet slightly  stronger.” Alice beamed at me, and then Rosalie pushed both of us toward Esme, who swept us in a 'I was so worried' hug. “I'm so proud of you, Bella!” She then turned to Alice. “And thank you Alice.”
    Carlislie was next. He just asked a few questions about how hard it was for me to hunt. I answered almost truthfully. I did feel insecure about a few things. Thought, I didn't want to show it. So I might have lied, slightly, about the part in which we have to actually attack the creatures. I then left Carlislie's side and moved to Jasper, while Alice moved to Edward. “How are you, Bella?”
“Was it-”
“It was absolutely, positively, awkward.” Jasper smirked.
“I know, it's not that easy to be a newborn.”
“How was it to be around all of the people in the mall?”
“I didn't breath. I forgot I was a vampire.”
“Oh. Nice.”
“Thank you.”
“JASPER!!!!!!!!” Alice came running again, over to her best friend, her life-time partner, and jumped into his arms. I couldn't help but smile. I knew it was hard for Alice to be away from Jasper. She hadn't been away from him since they met. I can say the same thing about Edward and I. Minus when he left. I shuddered on my way over to him. “Hello, love.” His voice was silkier then usual, he instantly wrapped his arms around me and pulled me onto his lap. “How are you?”
“Great. Better now.” I flt buoyant again.
“Good. I'm glad.” Edward looked at me. “How was hunting.”
“Yes. It's something to get used too.”
“What time is it?”
“Time for the 6 O'Clock News. Why?”
“Do you think we can watch FNN?”
“I'm pretty sure I can figure it out.”
He left me to go work on the TV. About 5 minutes later, he was back next to me, handing me the remote. “Press the power button, Bella.” I sighed and hovered a finger over the red button, before pressing down on it softly.

“Hello Everyone and welcome to FNN. Today I am standing in front of what used to be, our beloved Dr.Cullen's home.” I winced  as I saw the broken clatter of what used to be the house I loved. “This morning at 2:25, this lovely home spontaneously combusted, without reason, and nobody knows how.        
     “Unfortunately, everyone in the home was killed. Death's included:Doctor Carlislie Cullen and his wife, Esme Cullen. Seniors in High School, Rosalie and Jasper Hale. Also Emmett and Alice Cullen. Finally, Junior in High School, Edward Cullen.” Pictures of the each person flashed on the screen as he said their name, I stared in awe, my mouth agape. “Now, if that wasn't tragic enough, Edward's Girlfriend, Isabella Swan was in the home, and killed.” My picture flashed, and I felt tears starting to build in my eyes.
     “The only thing surviving this terrible event, was Bella Swan's camera. Which was given to her by her father, Charlie Swan, on her 18th birthday. The last picture on her camera, is her and Edward together in the kitchen. Can we look at the picture?” The picture of Edward and I, was placed on the television screen, and I wanted to scream.
      “No bodies were found, once the Fire Fighters were done, which meant they were all burnt.. to ashes. The funeral will be held in two days, on the very lot, to the public eye. Anyone knowing these amazing people are free to come. Well that is about all the information we have. I'm Dylan Marlo, back to you Wendy.”  I could feel a few tears running down my cheeks. I was angry. This was all a big, lie.
     “Well Dylan, let me tell you, we will be at the funeral, for live coverage. I heard that people are coming from all over the country to mourn.” Wendy cleared her throat again. “I am terribly sorry for the friends and family of the- the people who were killed in this terrible accident.” I couldn't take it anymore, I turned off the TV and threw the remote on the floor, and pulled away from the crowd and back out into the white blanket of Alaska. I ran, not to far, but into a forest, where I could hunt, just in case.
     I did cry though. Well not cry. More like sobbed. It was terrible. People were crying over me, even though I was still alive. My phone buzzed in my back pocket, and I swiped it out. “Hello?” I asked, through tears.
“Bella?” It was Jacob.
“Your not dead!”
“Then why do-” His breath caught. “Your a bloodsucker.”
“Yes.” I answered, not wanting to lie.
“He bit you?”
“No. Jane did, but she was under Edward's friend Tanya's mind control!”
“I don't want your excuses Bella. I have to go.”
“Wait! You won't tell anyone right?”
“Of course not. Treaty, remember? I don't want us fighting.”
“Thank you Jake, I love you.”
“Don't say it unless you mean it, Bella.”
Then the line went dead. I cried harder, blocking out the minds of the others, and sinking into the snow, my phone dropping into it, being buried. That's when his arms wrapped around me. They were no longer cold, but warm to me, as if he was a human. Rather, I was a vampire.
“Bella, love. Don't cry. Please,don't.” His thumb stroked my cheek.
“No- Let-” I struggled.
“Bella. Stop.” I obeyed.
“Are you okay?”
“What's wrong?” He turned me around to read my face. Answer me, Bella. Don't read my thoughts. Answer me. Stop it. Stop reading my mind. And ANSWER ME.
“I'm not dead, and my friends and family are wasting tears on me.”
“It's not your fault, love. And we can't tell everyone we're vampires.”
“Then- What-”
“We live normally, love.”
He helped me stand up, and he placed my phone back into my back pocket.
“Are you ready to go back inside??”
“Then let's go.” His fingers laced with mine as we walked back to our cabin. Our three story log cabin. I sighed. “Edward-”
“Are we sharing a room?”
A grin spread across my face, as he held me closer.

Jul. 22nd, 2008

Writer's Block: Cramming Yourself into a Sentence

Try to describe yourself in one sentence.
I could describe myself in a sentence, if  I wanted too, instead, I'll choose one word, "Me."

Jul. 20th, 2008

Darkened Sky (Chapter Fifteen:Nightmare)

Don't give into  Pressure.
You might end up shopping with Alice.

“Come on, Bella! Try it on!” Alice whined, handing me a black, sleeveless dress, “Edward will love it!!” She encouraged. I glared at her, and crossed my arms, refusing to take the dress. “Bella!”

“I know he will like it. I see everything you see,” I reminded her, stomping into the dressing room.

“I know.” She seemed troubled by that. “I expect to see you in it!!” I groaned,as I took off my jeans. Why does Bella have to be so..so...ugh. She's listening right now. GO CHANGE BELLA! I slide my shirt over my head, and replaced it with the dress. I opened the door. “There. Happy?” Beautiful. She looks gorgeous.

“You look-”

“I know.” I smiled at her. “Anything else you want me to try on?” I questioned. We're going to be here all day Bella, but we're heading into a different store. “Oh, So I can change?” Alice nodded once, before I moved swiftly back, changing back to my regular clothes. An advantage of vampire speed. I handed Alice the dress, along with the millions of other things she picked out for me. “That dress.. in Alaska?” I queried

“Not exactly. When we visit the other places.. It might be comfortable.”


She quickly paid for the clothes, and waited rather impatiently for the bags. There were three of them.

“Alice- I don't think we need anymore clothes.” Yes you do. We are going to pretend your dead, so I believe that I'm making it up to you, I mean I didn't save you from being bitten when I knew it was going to happen.

“Alice. You don't have to make it up to me!”

“Yes I do. Now come on.” Alice pulled me out of the store and down the way to the next one. “Hm. This mall isn't that bad.”

“We're in Canada.”

“I know.”

“When are we going to Alaska?”


“What a-” Nightmare. I looked at Alice, who was pouting. “I'm sorry, Ali. I'll behave.” Ali? That's cute!


“No problem.”

That's when it hit me. Tanya had mind control. She was mad that Edward was in love with me, not her. She was surprised I was still human. Jane never really wanted me as a vampire. Aro- well, why would he be here at all? I distinctly remember someone looking in the Cullen's living room as I was 'dying.' This was all Tanya's doing. She made me a vampire. Well, she made Jane make me a vampire. That's why she came back. The little-



“What's wrong.”

“Tanya made me a vampire.”

“No Jane did.”

“Tanya used her gift to do it.”

Alice stared at me. “I'm-”

“Calling Edward I know.” Alice nodded and walked away from me, leaving me alone, in front of 'Hot Topic.' Who would've thought Canada would have a Hot Topic? I flew in, without thinking, just to look around. I ended up buying a few things, that Alice would allow me to buy. They were:

Lip Service Black And White Plaid Lace-Up Dress, adorable, only 48 dollars.

Chor Black Stirrup Skinny Denim Pants, It would be nice to have pants again, 39 dollars.

Tripp Black Grommet Trim Corset, Alice would be proud of it, 42 dollars.

“Yay Bella! Your buying things!” Get a skirt, leggings, fishnets...

“Yes. And Fine, I will.”

Alice jumped up and down, “And a bag.”


For the bag, she forced me into getting, I chose a Black And Silver Star Hobo Bag, which was a small price of 22 dollars. Man. Hot Topic was expensive, but the clothes weren't that bad.

Alice departed from me for a few seconds before returning with the 32 dollar, Tripp Black Grommet Lace Skirt, “It'll match the shirt.” She shrugged and handed it to me, I instantly put it into my arms. Maybe shopping with Alice wasn't that bad. “Now you need, Fishnets, Leggings and maybe a T-shirt.”

“Really!? I get a regular T-shirt.”

“Yes. Only because your being so cooperative.”

For the fishnet item, I chose Black Fishnet Two Finger Gloves . They aren't that bad, and only 6 dollars! Luckily, they didn't have leggings, so I was saved! “You need to get a bathing suit too.”

“Then a T-shirt?”

“No, you can get that first.” I smiled and waltzed over to the T-shirt wall. The Let's Make out Rainbow Tee, is the one Alice and I were giggling about most, so We added that to the pile. Let's see, that was 19 dollars. I decided to let Alice pick out my bathing suit. Bad idea. She picked a small, Black And White Skull N' Crossbones Bikini. I was mortified. I wasn't about to spend 40 dollars on that, but apparently She was. “Is that it? Can we go to Alaska now?” I muttered, under my breath so nobody would hear me. “After you get two pairs of shoes.”

“Fine.” I was giving in to easily, but I didn't want to disappoint her, She was already under the impression that shopping with her was a nightmare. Bella's making me so happy! I'm having a great time! She was making me under her spell, so I allowed her to get me heels. High heels. Iron Fist Black Graphic Heels to be exact. 22 dollar shoes, in which I will break almost instantly. Then she got me like 3 inch wedges. Demonic Polka Dot Wedges, I think.. 29 dollars. Coming up as the grand total at Hot Topic, being:

300 Dollars.

I almost fainted. I can't believe Alice talked me into spending that much money at Hot Topic, She seemed proud of herself. At least, she was thinking that. So, we rolled out of the mall, with 8 shopping bags. And they were all for me.

Oh. My. Edward. I know she's thinking I'm insane for buying her all this... but she does need more clothes since..you know.. Emmett and the others blew up the house. Alice then looked at me, and I continued to read her thoughts, though the next one was a vision. Tanya is mind controlling Edward. She Is moving with them, since they do live in Alaska. Emmett is going to restrain Edward from killing her. Oh man, I wanted to watch.

“We need to get to Denali, like right now.”

“Bella you-”

“Yes. Tanya is going to get murdered.”

“I know-”

“No, I mean if Edward doesn't do it, I will.”

“Bella, you can't just kill Tanya.”

“If she mind controls-”

“Bella. Calm Down. Breath.”

“I don't need too.”

“Then let's get on our way back to Denali, where we can watch the news to see the news report about our house blowing up.”

I looked around to make sure nobody heard us, luckily, nobody did.

“Fine. Let's go.”

Alice then pulled me away from the crowd, which was no forming around Hot Topic, and we walked in silence. When your gone, the pieces of my heart are missing you...

She was distracting her thoughts. Darn it.



“Where are they?”

“Hm.. They should be approaching the new home right about... now.”

“Then we have to go.”

“Yes we do.”

“I can't say by to Jake, can I?”

“He'll call you.”

I nodded, just as we were well away from the mall, which is when, we began to ran.

Vampire Speed Owns.


Darkened Sky (Chapter Fourteen:Explosion)

There are some things in life that you can't understand

“Tanya, before we begin to speak,” Carlislie cleared his throat, “We have so business to take care of.” He referred to the house. Tanya tilted her head to the side, and shrugged. “Also, Alice, will you take Bella hunting?”

“Aw! Then I have to miss out on the explosion!” Alice whined.

“I'm sorry, Alice. You are the most trustworthy.” Edward needs to be here anyways. He is one of the strongest vampires here.

“Yes Carlislie.” Alice trudged to the door, “Wait! Isn't there something you wanted Bella to try?”

Carlislie looked confused at first, then remembered. Bella must try to steal Tanya's power.



“Kiss me.” It's working,but what a silly order, I would've done it anyways. Edward thought before his lips softly pecked my own, swiftly. Brilliant. She just stole my power. Darn it! Tanya also began throwing random curse words at me, thought not aloud.

Alice's arm wrapped around my waist, in a friendly gesture, and led me to the door. I sighed. I hope I still was queasy about blood. Thought, I probably wasn't. The blood already smelled better. “Bye, love.” Edward called. Be safe.

I hope she doesn't go all 'I'm-a-kill-you-dead.' like my first time. “Bye!!” Emmett yelled, waving.

You'll be fine Bella. Carlislie assured me with a nod of his head.

I hope Bella will be alright. Esme thought, nervously, of course.

Apparently, Rosalie noticed, “She'll be fine Esme.” Most likely.

“C'mon Bella! Stop using your power. The faster we leave, the faster we'll get back.” She tugged on my waist, pulling me out the door, where she instantly released the hold my waist. Alice looked at me once, before taking off, running. I stood stunned. “Yeah. I can't do that!” I hollered. In the blink of an eye, she came back. “Yes you can, Bella!” Her eyes went blank. I was running through the woods, my hair flipping behind me, I jump toward a lion, and missed, I groan going at it again.

“See, you can do it.”

“Okay. I can.”

“Just start out walking.”

“Where are we going exactly?”

“Savage Point.”

“Just a mere 28 miles.”

“Exactly, Bella.”

Alice took off again, and I quickly followed.

10 minutes later, we were there, and both Alice and I were eating. Well..drinking...a grizzly. “Alice, what do they call you?”


“Like..Edward's a lion..Emmett's a grizzly?”

“Oh.. Lynx or a bobcat, most def.”

“Oh.. What about me?”

“This is your first..” She took a bear cub down and tossed it's dead body to me, I winced. “hunting trip. You'll find out later.”


We both began to pay more attention to the 'predators.' Now, that had to make me laugh. It was a bear that I was eating, and we were the predators. Alice looked at me, confused. I should tell her.

“Tell me, What?”

“I hate you and Edward.” She hissed. “Eavesdropping on my thoughts. Tsk-Tsk.”

“Sorry.. It's not my fault.”

Alice sighed, “I know.”

“So what should you tell me?”

“I saw yo being bitten.”

My mouth went agape. “WHAT?”

“Bella- wait. Don't get mad.” A B C D E F G... “I just didn't know when it was going to happen.. So just in case, I packed all your favorite clothes..and Wuthering Heights. I tried to get everything you loved enough to keep.” Q R S T U V... “I will buy you new clothes when we move.”

I was annoyed, angry. “Why didn't Edward tell me?”

“I was blocking my thoughts.” I'm not paralyzed, but I seem to be struck by you...

“Like you are now?” I want to make you move... because your standing still...

“I'm not blocking my thoughts.” And If your body, matched what your eyes can do...

“Then why are you singing Paralyzed by Finger 11?” Your gonna move right through...

“Because it's stuck in my head.” Me on my way to you...

“Oh...” I looked around, and spotted a lion. I shot up and began running. The smell of it's blood infuriating me. I wanted it. I moved my hair out of my face, and it began whipping behind me. I lunged at it, missing. I groaned. It was cowering away from me. Loser. I tried again, only to miss. Now the smell was making me very mad. And me not catching it wasn't helping much. “It's okay, Bella! Keep trying, you can do it!” Alice reassured me. I tried again. Miss. I took a deep breath, and the air I took in was filled with the scent of the mountain lion. I licked my full, red lips, and attacked once more, striking it down. Alice cheered. I sunk my new, venom-coated teeth into the lion, and smiled.

Bella's doing great, Edward. She just go a mountain lion. She should be done by tomorrow. We will meet you in Alaska? Just make sure to bring Bella's things. I'll take her shopping before we go to Alaska. Okay...I know your listening. Bye, Love You.



I stopped to talking to Alice, while I finished the mountain lion off. “Sorry.. I should have gave you some.” Alice shook her head, “No.. I'm not thirsty.” She really wasn't, her eyes were pure gold. I wonder what Jasper's doing. “He's probably thinking about you.”

“Can't you read his mind from here?”

“I never tried.”

“Do you want too?”

“But- What color are my eyes?”


“Okay, I'll try, then I must keep eating.”



I wish Tanya would just disappear. Rosalie.

Aw Man! We're going to be neighbors to that. Emmett.

I hope Alice is alright with Bella. I know she had a hard time training me to hunt. Well Bella is a fast learner. If Bella is listening, can you please tell Alice, I love her? Jasper.

“He wanted me to tell you that he loves you.”


“I hope he feels better now that he isn't the newest born.”

“I bet he is.”

Alice sighed and looked down at me. “Do you want to take a break?”


I leaned against one of the tall pine trees and sighed. “Alice?”


“Was your first time hard?”


“When you first moved here, how was the tension??”

“Well. I saw the Cullen's. I came up one day when Edward was on a hunting trip, and when he got back, his things were in the living room. And he was all like, “Do I know you?” And I just laughed. “No. But you will. I'm Alice, and this is my mate Jasper. We conquered your room.” He was so upset. But he didn't have any questions about why we did. He just left to his current room and began setting everything back up. He was so calm about it. I respected him. Then when I was hunting, I was having trouble, and he helped me. Then we bonded. He is the closet person to me besides Jasper.”


“Your lucky to-”

“Be in such a caring family.”

“Your lucky to even know about the dangers of us.”


I noticed another lion and lean toward it, “Be right back Alice.”

That's when I jumped up and it back slowly away from me.

This was the new me.

I was a predator.

The predator of all.

And everything around me was my prey.

Jul. 14th, 2008

Darkened Sky (Chapter Thirteen:Awakening)

Power. Love. Peace. War.

“Bella! Your awake!” Edward yelled, pulling me into a embrace. I blinked a few times.

“I'm a vampire?” I asked, looking into his eyes.


“I'm so sorry.”

“It's not your fault, Bella.”

“Am I thirsty?”

“Your eyes are nothing but red.”

“Then we have to-”

“Go hunting.”

“But if I don't return- what is Charlie going to think?”

“Don't worry, we have a plan, love.”

“What is it?”

“This is going to sound utterly weird, but we're going to blow up the house and move.”

“Blow up the house?”


“Why!? I can't let you do that. This is your- your home.

“Bella- we need to find a new home now that you are- one of us.”

“What about the wedding?”

“We can still do it- just not actually have everyone there.”

“I bet Alice is devastated.”

“Why would she be-”

“She can't have the huge wedding.”

“Bella. Stop trying to please everyone else.”

The tone of his voice hurt. It cut me, but maybe that's just because I'm sensitive right now. I wasn't really trying to please everyone else that time. I was just thinking aloud. I cleared my throat. I nodded, “What time is it?”

“2:22 AM.”

“I would say I' tired, but, I- uh, guess I'm not.”

“Your just thirsty.”

“Then let's just go.”

I pulled off the bed, and stomped to the door. I wrenched it open and waltzed out. Emmett and Rosalie were waiting at the edge of the stairs. Rosalie instantly pulled my into her arms. “Bella! How are you?” She asked. I stared into space. “Thirsty.” I muttered. “Of course you are.” Your always going to be thirsty Bella, just get used to it. I shook my head and turned to Edward, did I just use his power? I can't have the same power as Edward. No I can't- I slowly turned to Edward. I can't believe I'm stupid enough to leave Bella alone with Jane and Aro. This is all my fault! If I didn't leave her, she would still be human. Still blushing, her heart-beating...

“Will you stop blaming yourself, Edward?”

“What I never said anything.”

“I know you didn't! You thought it.”

“Bella you can read minds?”

“I don't know.”

“Someone go get the others.” Edward ordered, and Emmett bolted away. In a matter of milliseconds,

Alice, Jasper, Esme and Carlislie were in front of me. I looked down, thought my eyes quickly went blank., as did Alice's.

Tanya is in the woods. She is coming back. We have an hour.

I shook my head.

“Alice!? What did you see?”

I replied for her, “Tanya is in the woods. She's coming here. We have an hour.”

Carlislie stared at me. “What did you see Alice?”

“The same thing Bella said.” Alice blinked a few times. “You stole my power.”

“I don't believe she stole it, Alice. But she definitely found her own.”

“Which is what?” I questioned, I wanted to know. I didn't want to be some freaky mix of vampires. The tension was rising, so I forced everyone to calm down. I took Jasper's power!? What was going on. “What is her power, dear?” Esme asked, when she noticed what I did. Jasper was glaring at me, but not angrily, intrigued. Everyone turned to Carlislie.

“Well, I believe that Bella can take the power of vampires around her. Bella, what am I thinking?” Carlislie asked, still calm. Yes. You can read my mind, Bella. Try reading Esme's. I looked over to Esme, and sighed. This is interesting. Bella has a lovely power. I wish I could have a power such as this.

“What was I thinking?”

“You thought, “Yes. You can read my mind, Bella, try reading Esme's.” And then Esme wished she had my power.” Actually, she could have it, I wasn't interested.

“Very good, Bella. Now, I want you to see the future.”

I looked over to Alice, I was a test dummy, I was the vampire with all the powers. Great. This is ridiculous! Tanya is running through the woods faster. About half-an-hour. She knows Bella is a vampire somehow. “Tanya knows I'm a vampire. She's moving faster then she was, about half-an-hour.” Alice nodded in agreement. “Exactly what I saw.”

“Try Jasper's power. Make us all calm.” I was actually unaware that they had tensed up again. I closed my eyes and pictured them all calm again, when I reopened my eyes. They were smiling, calm, relaxed.

“So what exactly is my power?”

“You can steal, well, more like barrow, the powers of the vampires around you. So when Tanya gets here, I want you to try her power.” Ugh. Her power disgusts me. I glanced at Edward, and I looked stressed, he gave me a reassuring smile. Although, Bella will make Tanya's power adorable.

“What is her power?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“She can manipulate people into doing things they don't want to do. Pretty much mind control.”

“Excellent, Beautiful.”

“I know.”

I groaned. “As for now, Bella...” Carlislie began, “I want you to relax.”

Speeding up, 15 minutes. I heard from Edward's mind. I must say, that reading his mind was perfectly fine, even thought I know he didn't want me too, It's not my fault, right? Bella. Stop reading my mind.

“I can't help it.”

“I know, love.” He gave me a troubled, yet apologetic smile.

“I know you hate it.”

“It's not your fault.”

“I know.”

I love you Bella.

“I love you too, Edward, and I'm sorry I wasn't more careful.”

“Bella. I left you alone.”

“Yes. But If you don't leave, you would've been inflicted.”

“Alice could've seen it coming, and she would've warned me.”

“I- I never thought of that.”

“I'm not surprised.” He paused. “That came out wrong.”

“It's okay.. I know what you meant.” I sighed and began to walk back down the stairs. “We should relax.” I whispered.

“In the house while we still have it.”

“I still don't think you should blow up your house.”

“We'll get a better one, Bella.”

“Like that's possible.”

“It is. Trust me okay, we know what we're doing.”

I leaned up to give him a kiss, but three soft rasps landed on the door.

“She has the nerve to come back.” Edward hissed.

“She's going to get her butt kicked.” I mumbled, heading towards the door.

“No, Bella, your a newborn, you'd die in a matter of seconds.”


I wenched open the door, and she stood in front of me.

Eyes wild. Mouth agape. Hair pulled back. And Expression troubled.

“So we meet again, Tanya.”

Jul. 5th, 2008

Chapter Twelve: Goodbye

Smile, even if your in the deepest pain...

It all happened so fast. Jane bent her head to mine and her teeth barley grazed across my neck. I shrieked. Emmett flew into Aro, knocking him over. Rosalie and Alice began to 'punish' Jane, as Jasper didn't even bother calming the mood. Esme rushed upstairs for Edward, while Carlislie brought me into the family room. I groaned. Yup. I was dying. I could feel it. Bye Charlie. Bye Renee and Phil. Bye Angela, Ben, Mike, Jess. Bye Jacob. Bye clumsiness. Bye Forks. Bye Carlislie. Bye Alice. Bye Rosalie. Bye Jasper. Bye Emmett. Bye Esme. Goodbye Edward.

The last one was hardest to say. I could still hear them fighting for me. Again. I could still feel Jasper calming down. I could still feel the tears running down my cheeks. I could still feel the several pairs of cold hands on me. I could still feel the claustrophobia creeping upon me. I could still feel the vibrating of my cell phone in my back pocket. I could still hear the cries of my family, even though not all of them were by me. I could still see Edward's face, even thought my eyes were clearly closed. I could still feel the pain, which had been inflicted upon me. I could still hear the people calling my name- though I had no air to speak. I could still feel the ring on my left index finger, indicating that soon, I would be a Cullen. I would be a vampire. I could still feel it. I could still hear my heartbeat slowing. Most likely to come to a stop any second. I could feel something running through my veins, though I was to weak to know what it was. I could hear the slamming of the doors, accelerating of cars, and the sound of both glass and wood, snapping, shattering, breaking.

So here I am, sitting on the white living room floor, staining with salt water. I could feel the arms of my angel, keeping me close to him. He was yelling something, but I was to dazed to hear. My eyes remained closed. My breathing slowed. I could hear the orders of Carlislie, barley, telling him to take me upstairs. I was guessing he said that so I could die in peace. As Edward took my slowly upstairs, my hand found my neck. It was burning, on fire, and I couldn't help but scream and cry louder. I thrashed, as he set me gently on the bed. I couldn't take this. Dying was supposed to be quick and easy, not this painful. I always wanted to die old and slow. In my sleep. I was still crying. Was I going to ever run out of water?

Edward was still soothing me, I think. Telling me to calm down. I would be okay. But he didn't help much. He was saying this all through tears. I was shedding so much water. My tears, the sweat I was bringing from the fire. And my mouth wouldn't close. It remained opened the whole time. Either I was whimpering, whining, yelling, screaming, cursing, or just plain out making noise, to make noise. It was open. I promised myself that when I reached heaven, or hell, depending on where I was going. I would watch over my friends and family. Especially Edward. Even as a spirit I wouldn't leave him alone. I wonder if I ever get annoying.

I bet he would follow me. Killing himself, to be with me. I would hate that. He wouldn't deserve to die, just because I did. I cried harder at that. I caused his family so much pain. It wasn't even close to fair. Not the slightest bit. My heart beat was breaking. Slowly. But falling. It was really fast when all of this started. I hope it doesn't end. I don't want to die. I don't want to leave this amazing world. No matter how much I thought I hated it, I don't. Please don't take me off of this Earth. I don't want to leave. I love everything about it. The people, the adventure, the drama, everything. Don't take me away. Take away the people that did this to me. If it even was a person. Who did this to me? I don't remember. See. I am dying. My mind is going faster then my heart. Oh. This is terrible. Stop it. Don't take me away. Please. I'm begging you. I need to stay here. I can't leave. I can't cause Edward's family anymore pain. I already caused them enough for being engaged to their son. Don't make me die for the terrible things I've done to them, please. I'll stop. I'll stop. I then drifted off to sleep,still saying, I'll stop.

Bella?” His expression was tortured.

Hey Jacob.” I paused. “What's the matter?”

Your a bloodsucker, aren't you?” He backed away from me.

No! I swear I'm not Jacob. Not for three months and 3 days. I think.. Something around there.”

Bella-” He reached out his hand, and touched my cheek. He staggered back, his face rigid. “You are one. Your freezing. Your cold. Your dead. Your immortal. Your not human, Bella. Your a vampire.”

No- Jacob, I can't be, you silly goose! Edward and I had an agreement. He wouldn't bite me until I married him. It isn't past August 13, right?”

No. It's only.. June.”

See. I'm not a vampire. Your imagining this.”

Bella. I don't think Edward bit you.”

Nobody else would.” I reached for his hand.

Don't touch me you parasite.”

His words cut me open. I heard a sharp intake of breath. Was that mine? I walked forward, to him again, and he kept walking away from me. I called his name again. Sudden;y, where Jacob used to be standing, was replaced by his wolf form. It ran. “I-Goodbye Jacob.” I murmured. It was no use. The wolf was gone. Jacob. My friend was gone. My Jacob was gone. My hands fell limp to my side,and I sunk to the floor.

It's okay Bella.” A familiar voice assured me.

No Rosalie. It isn't.”

It's just a dog-”

That dog was my best friend since I was a baby, Rose.”

He doesn't except you for what you are now.”

I don't think anyone will.”

So what kind of friend are they?”

Ones who trusted me. Ones who would probably be terrified of me now!”

It's what you are Bella. What do you want me to do about it?”

Nothing! I wish none of them did anything. Why did I come to Forks?”

To make your mom happy again.”

Now I can't be! I can't see anyone again. EVER!”

Bella, you have Edward for eternity.”

Well Rosalie, that's all I have now.”

That is true! You have a family who loves you. Even if you were a werewolf, we would love you. Because we are true friends Bella.”

Yeah. Jess would make gossip out of this anyways.”


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lash out on you.”

It's okay Bella. It was difficult for me to.”

I'm sure. You were like-”

Let's not bring it up.”


Again. It's okay.”

We should get home now.”


Rosalie and I were off, running swiftly through the woods.

Rose!” I yelled.


Where'd Alice go?”

She already left.”

Oh. What about Edward?”

I'm not sure where he is.”

We need to find him. That's why I'm a vampire, remember?”

No Bella. Your a vampire because Jane bit you because you refused to go with her.”

With good reason.”

I'm not saying it's a bad thing.” Rosalie paused.

I know.”

You are the best sister ever,Bella. Don't tell Alice.”

I laughed.

That's when my eyes fluttered open.

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